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Women like tennis bracelets to be the most luxurious and appealing type of jewelry. It complements fashion choices, looks, and trend. Tennis bracelets made with diamonds have an unique look and feel. There is a delicate chain pattern with the diamonds on it. Each diamond used to create these works of art has the same pattern. They would be loved by you. Purchase our wide range of tennis bracelets at a really low cost. Get yourself a brilliance

Frequently Asked Questions

Mined/ Natural diamonds and lab-grown diamonds are identical. They have the exact same chemical, physical, and optical properties as the diamonds that are mined. It is impossible for jewelers or gemologists to tell the difference between mined and lab-grown diamonds with their naked eyes. The lone difference between them is that lab-created diamonds are produced in a laboratory that replicates the conditions under which mined diamonds are grown under the surface of the earth.

When compared to diamonds that are mined, lab-grown diamonds are typically retailed for 1/5 to 1/20 of the same quality as mined diamonds. Lab-grown diamonds are also valued according to their cut color, clarity, and carat as mined diamond. Lab-grown diamonds cost less because mined diamonds have a much more complex supply chain, from mining to polishing to importing.

At Piro, our primary priorities are affordability, quality, and finishing for everyone. We provide free delivery, an 85% buyback and 80% return value on our diamonds, and the best jewelry and designs at incredibly low costs. We also provide our jewels at clear prices. For the same jewelry, you will pay far less here than at other lab-grown diamond shops.

If you don't know what to look for while purchasing jewelry online, it might be dangerous. If you follow certain safety measures, purchasing a diamond may be secure. It is important to conduct investigation on the seller, read reviews, verify that the diamonds are certified, and seek for a safe and secure payment option.

Of course! Simply give us a call to schedule a virtual session for advice and a better understanding of your ideas, or stop by our store at 3/3 Manoramaganj Geeta Bhawan Indore, to personalize your own jewelry design.

No, as diamonds are extremely valuable jewels and losing them may be a significant loss, we do not create jewelry with diamonds set in 22k gold. 22k gold is 91.7% pure and relatively soft and easy to bend. This means that it may not hold diamonds as securely, and the prongs or settings used to hold the diamonds in place may be more likely to bend or break over time, so we use 14k and 18k gold because they have higher durability and hardness.

The distinction between lab-grown and mined diamonds cannot be distinguished with the human eye; not even gemologists or jewelers can distinguish it. The difference can only be detected by advanced diamond testing machinery.

No, lab-grown diamonds do not lose their shine over time because they are the same as mined diamonds. All the properties that mined diamonds possess can be found in lab diamonds as well.

Reputable gemological laboratories like the International Gemological Institute (IGI) and the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) certify lab-grown diamonds in the same way as they certify mined diamonds.

It is misleading to say that lab-grown diamonds don't hold any buyback or return value! As lab-grown diamonds are the same as mined diamonds, they do hold value. Here at Piro, we give 85% buyback and 80% return value to our customers.